2002 Bonneville Cabin Electrical Problems

All at once my power locks and windows on all doors and the power mirrors quit working. The Driver Info center also says “Unknown Driver” when I start the car. After that happened the check engine ligth came on and when I went to get that checked there was no power to the ODB port (not sure if it is related or seperate).

Also, the brake, ABS, and traction control lights are on…they have been so I’m sure that is a seperate issue.

Any help with these would be appreciated!

I would see why there isn’t power to the OBD port. It may lead you to the other trouble. The trouble should be in or near the power panel under the hood. It may even be the battery connections themselves. Using a wiring diagram and checking things with a test light probe it shouldn’t take very long to find this trouble. Wiggling suspect wire connections may show up the trouble.