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2001 VW Jetta Jerky Acceleration...turbo issue?

Hi All,

Been having an issue with my 01 Wolfsburg VW Jetta 1.8T.

Whenever I’m accelerating (most noticeable in lower gears), it seems like the turbo can’t keep up. Used to sound like a nice clean consistent whooooosh spooling up, but now its more like brrrr…brrrrr…brrrrr…

Don’t know how else to describe it. Seems to start and stop frequently. Will try getting a video clip of this tomorrow.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

It does sound like you’re getting a worn out turbo… A worn out turbo can sause the issue very quickly. I’ve found that when the old Subaru WRX’s lost thier turbo they would become “Lazy” in the lower gears.

See If Somebody At A Volkswagen Dealer Or Repair Shop Will Make You A Copy Of A Volkswagen TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) That Discusses The Wastegate Vacuum Actuator For Your Make, Model, Model-Year (Except With 1.9L Engine).

It may or may not help you.


deffinately not the waste gate… Sorry… That is not going to cause the problem.

Maybe turbo but there a few parts related that can leak or need repair. They are all far less expensive.

“deffinately [definitely] not the waste gate… Sorry… That is not going to cause the problem.”

. . . Sorry . . . , but tell Volkswagen (car’s manufacturer) that, not me. They’re the ones that say that because of the actuator’s location they sometimes have become problematic. An improved actuator was made available to help with poor acceleration complaints on 1.9L turbos.