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2001 VW GTI VR6 With Electrical Problems

I’ve had ongoing electrical problems with my 2001 VW GTI–mainly, a total loss of power while I’m driving. Once it cut out, the radio went on and off then the wipers came on. Another time, I parked the car, took the key out of the ignition, shut the door and the radio stayed on. After all of these episodes, the car won’t start for at least a few hours. Luckily I have a stick shift and can pop the clutch to get the engine running again–which helps when you’re making a left turn and a car is coming towards you. Have had the radio and battery replaced (both with genuine VW parts). A new alternator, new starter and ignition switch and lastly–new battery cables. Took the car to a long established local German garage and they had it for a week–of course they found nothing. I now turn the radio and AC off before I park the car, whether it helps or not–who knows. Yesterday, I hadn’t turned the power button on to fire up the radio–I’m driving down the road and it goes on by itself. I’m at the end of my rope–going to probably get rid of the car at the end of the year–problem is, I love the look of the car and it’s in great shape with only 33K miles.

My best advice is to get rid of the car and never buy a european car ever again. They are all piles of garbage on wheels. Trust me, I’ve done the leg work on this.

I hear you. . .I know I will NEVER buy another VW. I really like the small, two/four door hatchback style–am thinking a Ford Fiesta, who knows?

In that segment I’d highly recommend looking at the Honda Fit.