2001 Volvo S-80

While driving I hear a popping sound from the rear of the car. The a message appeared, “transmission service – urgent.” I drove another 60 miles without a problem. Today is Sunday. No mechanics are available in this area, and I must drive from Buck Hill Falls to Providence, RI tomorrow morning. Is there a reason to worry about making it home?

Check the transmission fluid, make sure it’s at the correct level, and cross your fingers.

If you can, rent a car and leave the Volvo home. When you drove the other 60 miles were you still getting the “popping sound”? If no, perhaps the car will make the trip, but it may not.

I just wonder about the risk of trashing a Volvo transmission and the several thousand dollars a replacement will cost. Renting a car is cheap if it saves the transmission.

Assuming that it is more than 60 miles. I would no drive it without more info. You could try to get the codes read at an auto parts store. What does the owner manual say about driving with that message? I bet it says something like, “don’t drive it or the car may suffer damage”.