2001 Toyota Tundra horn blows intermittently

Lately the horn on my truck will blow intermittently. Seems like it will blow in the morning when the weather is cool, but will not blow in the afternoon when the weather is warmer. What do you think the problem is?

Replace the horn relay, sounds like (pun intended) its on its way to complete failure.

Let’s clarify this some more . . .

Does the horn blow when you are NOT pressing the horn button/contacts?

In plain english . . . does the horn sound when you do NOT want it to?

The horn does not sound when I do NOT want it to. In the morning and the weather is cool, when I press the horn it will make a sound. In the afternoon and the weather is warm, when I press the horn it will not make a sound.

I had the relay and fuse checked. Both are ok.

In my opinion, the problem is either the relay or the horn contacts

I don’t know how you went about checking the relay checked . . . they don’t always fail 100%, meaning they may fail or work intermittently . . . but it’s a lot easier to replace than the horn contacts

By the way, a lot of vehicles have two horns . . . high tone and low tone

The fact that you don’t hear a sound when the weather is warm makes me think the horn(s) itself is not the problem. But that’s just my hunch

Ok. My thought was either the fuse or relay is bad, both checked out to be ok. This is the info that I got from Pep Boys. Possible problem appears to be related to the steering column bearing. The bearing gets dry and causes intermittent failure in the horn operation. Does this even seem to be possible?