2001 toyota pruis automatic

lost drive

Hmmm…perhaps you could elaborate a bit regarding the situation with your car.
Generally speaking, two words do not provide a very good description of a mechanical problem or its possible causes.

Please provide us more info, including:

Odometer mileage
Maintenance history for the transmission
A description of when/how the problem surfaced
The level, color, and odor of the trans fluid when you checked it
Whether the Check Engine Light (or any other warning light) is illuminated

Call tow truck. Take car to Toyota. Write check.

That Prius has a CVT. The transmission will likely have to be replaced outright. Bring your check book.

You really think that your description of your issue would get you free advise? Go away. We are people who try to help. Not psychics.

Tow car to Toyota. Get second mortgage. Write check.

Alternatively: Tow car to junkyard. Sign title. Leave $500 richer.

Are you referring to your navigation skills?

My first move would be check your transmission fluid. If that is okay unfortunately a tow to transmission shop is required.

look harder

The transmission is more like a differential than an auto transmission. Low fluid level would be bad, but it wouldn’t cause symptoms of “lost drive”, whatever that really means. It’s a pretty complicated beast, and there is a lot electronically that could go wrong.

Here’s a long discussion of 2001 Prius tranny problems:

write BIG check. Don’t expect car back soon if hard to find problem.