2001 PT Cruiser, unsure of what's wrong, possibly trans?

Hey there here’s the scoop, was driving down the freeway the other day, going about 65-70 MPH when all the sudden it felt as if I had hit something, a loud bump sound which came from underneath the engine, then an immediate reduction in speed and acceleration. After that, I was trying to accelerate the car, the RPMs were revving like crazy but the car would not go more than 15 MPH, while the RPMs were revving and revving, almost as if I was in park.

Got the car to the side of the road, opened the hood and found that the top of the dipstick (transmission) had blown off and shot transmission fluid all over the engine. Unsure of why this happened but sure that was what the loud sound was before the drastic drop in acceleration.

After that I had the car towed to my house, now it will start, but not drive in reverse at all, i’m afraid to try driving it to inspect it further but that’s pretty much where I am at right now. There’s 117k miles on this car, any other info that could help please let me know and I can provide it, just hoping maybe someone on here may have an idea of what’s going on here? Thanks guys-