2001 Toyota Camry with battery/starting problem

Toyota Camry 2001 V6 with 2 year old battery dies overnight - get a fast clicking sound - jump starting works and battery recharges. But it’s happened three times. Battery, alternator and starter have been checked by repair shop. All battery cells are good - no loose cables. AAA suggests key may not be turned all the way off before it is taken out which drains battery overnight - is that possible?

I doubt that. The door chime will still play if the key is not moved all the way to off. More than likely, there is a door switch or trunk switch gone bad, and leaving a light on that is draining the battery. Have your mechanic check for any parasitic drains on the battery. He’ll know what to do.

I had a similar problem with my ES300, same symptomes, turned out the problem was with the starter solenoid, easy and cheap to fix. There are two contacts and a disk/rod assembley in the solenoid that wear out over the years. Replacement contacts were $15 at the dealer, fixed the problem for 2 years, then had to replace both the contacts and the disk/rod. You can google “toyota starter rebuild”.

Here’s a link showing the parts: http://www.team-integra.net/forum/display_topic_threads.asp?ForumID=15&TopicID=123037