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2001 Toyota Avalon - Uses a lot of oil now after a change

When I got the oil changed, the technician left old gasket on the oil filter and placed a new gasket over it. 1,000 miles later, oil light came on and it started using a lot of oil. I had the oil changed again with a new filter but the car still uses a quart of oil every 500 miles. I used to go 5,000 miles between oil changes and not add oil. I then had the technician replace the valve cover gaskets but it still uses a lot of oil. I do not see any blue smoke from the exhaust and do not see any leaks. Do you think the low oil levels from the bad gasket damaged the engine so that it uses so much more oil? I stopped the engine as soon as I saw the oil light come on. Thanks.

Nine times out of ten, when the oil light comes on, it’s too late.

The engine was damaged when the oil light came on.