2001 tarus transmission light

Recently had work done at my local service station on my 2001 ford tarus sedan. Bought it used about a year and a half ago with 31,000 miles from a local ford dealer. Currently has 52,000 miles and had developed an coolant leak. The local mechanic replaced a leaky coolant tube assembly with thermostat and also found a leaking power steering pump assembly. All for a mere $642.00. When I drove the car away from the mechanic the light indicating transmission trouble began blinking. Took the car back and was told that since the battery was disconnected the pressure sensor in the transmission reset itself to it’s original factory setting. I was told to drive the car gently for a while and the pressure would build up and the light would eventually go off. Is this correct? I checked the fluid level and it looks ok. Is this something I should be more aggressive in dealing with.

How long have you been driving it now?? Is the light still on?? If it is, take it back and have them scan it to see why the light is on.


Been driving about 50 mi. since and light blinks intermittently. I did take it back, I assume he scanned it but am not positive. Thank you for your reply.

Get the error codes and post them back here.

Often a flashing trouble light, as opposed to a constant one, means that driving further is likely to cause serious damage. Check your owner manual.

Doesn’t help with your problem, but I’ve had to have my 2001 Taurus transmission seals replaced.
Also, the coolant reservoir had a crack on the underside against the finder. It’s somewhat easy to pull this off and take a look. I’ve replaced a heater core for $500 that might have been a $60 tank. Keep a good eye on the coolant fluid level, if it drops, pull the reservoir.