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2001 Subaru Outback Starting Problems

This morning my wife tried to start our handy kidmoblie. It is a 4 Cylinder nonturbo automatic drive 2001 Outback with 155000 miles. When she tried to start the engine nothing happened, no click no sound whatsoever and all the power went out. Then my father in law tried and he got the clicking sound the lights dimmed. I tried 45 minutes later and it started with no problem, but I noticed the clock had been reset and the trip odometer was reset. When I drove the car to the home repair joint and tried to restart the car I first got a weak rrrrr then nothing no click at all. I turned the ignition off and then tried again and I got clicking then the engine turned and it started fine. The trip odometer and clock were again reset. The radio settings in all cases were fine, these go out when the battery is dead. What is up with the family chariot?

I would start by checking the battery terminal connections, to be sure that they are tight and corrosion-free. If that doesn’t change the situation, then check the other end of the battery leads to be sure that their connections on the other end are sound. If that isn’t the solution, then it sounds like you have a faulty electrical connection somewhere else, and determining exactly where will take a bit of searching.

It could be as simple as a poor, old, battery. Or a poor wire connection, from rust or corrosion, from the battery to the ignition switch; or, even the ignition switch, itself.