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2001 sequoia differential light stuck

I was driving in 4wd this weekend and when I tried to get out of 4wd the center light won’t go out. My truck also won’t turn "tight " turns like its “stuck”.HELP! How do I get this light to go out? We tried what the owners manual said and it didn’t work.Will this hurt the truck to drive it like this???

I think you could do more damage driving the vehicle with the light on. It is stuck in 4WD and that is why it is difficult to turn.

Do you live near any dirt or gravel roads? I think you have “bound up” the transfer case by driving on dry (or wet) roads in 4WD for too long a period. If you can get on a gravel road and get the wheels to spin you might be able to release the pressure that has built up in the transfer case. Continuing to operate the truck on dry roads could completely destroy the transfer case.

You might need to tow the truck to a shop and get it up on a lift. With all 4 wheels off the ground the transfer case might loosen up when the wheels are spun.