2001 Saturn

The heat in 2001 saturn seems to take about 5 10 minutes to come on. Once it does it works fine. Is this a fuse problem?

More likely thermostat is stuck open. Replace it and then refill the cooling system to see if that fixes it.

I believe if it was the thermostat it wouldn’t come on at all. It works fine when it comes on but takes a few minutes to get going???

Heat will not start working until the engine is warm and thermostat opens up. The colder it is the longer it will take. It could be either the thermostat or low fluid.

When the problem occurs, there is no air coming out at all(defrost or heat). When it finally comes out its warm???

That is one of the symptoms to a thermostat stuck open. Eventually the coolant warms up and heat starts. A proper operating thermostat would warm up faster.

This is a cheap start, especially if you have the original thermostat.

You may have air trapped. Need to “burp” the system and refill to see if that resolves the issue.