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2001 Saturn SL gas gauge shows empty when it’s not

I have a 2001 Saturn SL1 which wouldn’t start, the gas guage shows it’s empty; however I knows there’s at least 7 gals of gas in the tank! It did the same thing a week ago. When the place I bought it from towed it in last time, they put fuel in the car & it seem to fix the problem; unfortunately it did the same thing yesterday, car turns over but will not fire???

Does the gauge always show empty? If so, how long has this problem been happening w/the gauge? My guessing is that the gauge and refilling procedure is unrelated to the problem, and it is an electrical problem of some sort that is preventing spark. So that’s what you need your shop to do, test for spark during attempted cranking. If you got spark, then ask the shop to spray starter fluid in the air intake to see if it will start and run briefly. If so, fuel rail pressure test is next.

From what you’re describing, it sounds like the fuel pump is bad.



I think its out of gas.

You must have x-ray vision

Adding gas worked the first time, will probably work the second time also.

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