2001 SAAB VIggen issues

for 4-5 months now from time to time the car stalls while at idle with clutch fully engaged; car is warm or warming; The other issue is that with acceleration at seemingly any speed the car bucks one, two or three times and then continues moving forward. The car is warm or warming; I’ve had 4 spark plugs replaced (Platinum); DI cassette replaced; computer reboot and software upgraded; R&R Boost pressure control solenoid replaced. Fuel filer & air filter replaced; Can take the cash bleed any longer; Is there a simple fix or is it time for a new car. Saab dealer and two other mechanics have worked on it to date. Currently !28K mileage

Has it shown any CEL’s or recorded any error codes?

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately no it has not. The check engine light never comes on. They say this is the obstacle to finding the problem? So far the mechanics keep changing parts out as they say the parts from my car in another Saab are faulty as the means of legitamizing the new part in my car expect my car still has the problem $1,500.00 later. I’m not willing to throw more good money after bad at this time. LK

Wednesday night in the airport garage after sitting for three days and twice of the three times I started it yesterday,on the first attempt turning the key caused no response, turning key off and reattempting to start for the second time, it did turn over but not as fast as it usually responds. Also the engine chugged a few times before the RPM’s picked up. No bucking or stalling. Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong. Three mechanics including the dealer can’t tell me. Should I throw in the towel and buy a new car. Just turned 130K yesterday. Any help is appreciated. Thanks LK

last Monday afternoon, attempted to leave work wouldn’t start; Jump started and drove it home; parked it for the rest of the week as I was out of town on business; attempted to start it this afternoon; wont’ start radio plays; sounds like it wants to start but doesn’t catch; waiting for AAA; Does anyone have idea what to do next except buy a new Car??? thanks

just in case anyone was wondering what the issue is here is the latest update: car has been having difficulty starting every 4-5th start goes on forever and finally chugs up and starts; still bucking shortly thereafter; yesterday am just wouldn’t start period after 12 tries; AAA calls Pro towing from waltham to come. the driver tries to start it and it won’t; tries to jump it and it won’t start; wearing the battery down at this point; he also tells me that the gas line must be frozen due to water in the gas but cant’ tell me why this might be the issue; AAA comes and towes it to Mecca Automotive in Allston a SAAB specialist; diagnosis is non functioning drive shaft sensor which was replaced (note least costly of all of the attempts to resolve this) Car starts right up and runs smoothly after picking it up this am. Hope this is my Christmas gift. Previously attempted to have it fixed at SAAB specialist in Wayland on Rte. 20 I wouldn’t recommend you take your car there if you own a SAAB; Merry Christimas to all

Elaborate a bit on “drive shaft sensor”. Since all SAAB’s are front wheel drive why does it have a drive shaft much less a sensor for it?

Glad you got it fixed; but, the situations from one shop to the other were NOT equivalent. The first shop had an INTERMITTENT problem (the most difficult type) to chase, and the second shop had a HARD failure. The first shop tried to save you a bucket of money by borrowing parts from another car. Few shops will do that.
It would be nice to use the fix, for your car, as a standard fix for that problem; but, these things aren’t predicable that way. Thanks for coming back with the fix for your car. It can be a consideration for someone who has a similar problem.

sorry but all 4 shops had the same issues to address as the symptoms continued to be the same until the car wouldn’t start at all. I see the situation as equivalent. All had the same information, symptoms, etc. no one borrowed any parts as I paid for all of them to the tune of a few thousand dollars labor included. The sensor was failing all along.

I guess we don’t get to find out anymore about SAAB “drive shaft sensors”