2001 Rav4 front breaks problem

We recently got a used 2001 Rav 4, it’s been working great except for one incident over the summer. One day after filling up we tried to drive away but the front breaks had completely locked up, almost as if the parking break was left on. Letting the car sit for awhile the breaks just released. We limped home and replaced both front calipers which seemed to fix the problem. Now just a few months after putting the new calipers on the breaks are starting to stick again, as if the calipers have gone bad but since these are so new I no longer believe that that is really the problem. What else could be wrong?

Was it wet out both times?

Maybe a clogged break line, try bleeding it, you should get a good strong squirt out of bleeder.

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No it was dry both times, I’ll try and get out and bleed the brakes sometime this week if i get a chance and post back if I experience any change. Thanks for the ideas!