2001 Peugeot 106 is idling rough

1.1 liter gas engine. As the title says, the car idles rough, however, it’s barely noticeable, I have found a video with the exact problem, it idles the same way as this car : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QECxJBrffo4

I have some ideas to what it might be, but an more experienced persons opinion would be nice.

Peugeots are extremely rare in the USA.
Aside from that. Sounds noisy, check to see if valves are adjustable.
Or perhaps a vacuum leak. Dirty fuel system.
I’m assuming you have performed all other required maintenance including spark plugs.

Hey, thanks for answer!
I am European, so it’s not rare here. Currently I have no tools around whatsoever, not even a screwdriver. I bought the car real cheap so I could transport some stuff back to my home, which is 1600km(1000 miles) away, I just wanted to know if it can make this distance back to my home where I can figure out the problem myself or do I need immediate repairs. The engine itself runs smooth when not idling, there is no smoke coming out that might indicate it’s burning something, there is no loss of power. I think I have the same problem as this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQKmDQCkqRc

or maybe a vacuum leak. I also forgot to mention that the car screeches when I start it, which is probably alternator belt slipping, but maybe that has something to do with the idling also?

I watched the video. All I can say is “could be”.
Agree with your guess regarding screech on startup being the belt.
As far as driving that distance I would not feel comfortable advising you on either option.
As far as my comment on noise, the Focus seemed fairly noisy to me too, maybe that is just the way cell phones pickup sounds. I know phones do a poor job when record live band performances.

I actually took a video with the screeching sound at the start up https://streamable.com/zzpl6
The rough idling you could really only feel when the engine is warm, it does seem like it just does not get enough air when idling so it’s sorta half dead without any throttle, but my cars engine is not really noisy, can’t take a video right now since I would have to get the car warm, but I don’t have insurance sorted yet, so I can’t drive it around to get it warm

I would remove the idle air control valve (iac) and give it a good cleaning. Simple and quick job. Lots of videos on youtube. Actually, the idle in the youtube video does not seem all that bad to me. A little noise perhaps.

Well the video is just cleaning the throttle body as far as I watched. Pretty basic for a rough idle. I think I’d just forget about the rough idle at this point if it is running fine. You don’t even have a screwdriver so what would you do about it anyway? It’s not a big issue and 1000 miles is not that far. One word of caution though on the idle air control, when I did mine, there was a procedure for re-setting it. I don’t know if that applies to you or not and don’t remember what it was, but I don’t think I’d be messing with it until you have read a service manual on it, so again, just leave well enough alone. You aren’t going to get stalled from dirty throttle body.

yeah, that’s what I wanted to know, thanks