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2001 Outback 5 speed manual need help

Hey guys. New here. Hope I’m using this right. I have a 2001 outback AWD 5 speed manual. I was driving 45mph and all of a sudden my wheels locked up. Now, I have the car up off the ground, all 4 wheels. The engine will run. Handbrake off, in neutral, I can spin all the wheels, and when I spin the rear driver wheel the front driver wheel spins. This makes me think the diffs are okay. Now I know about LSD, but even in neutral I can’t get any of the wheels to spin in the same direction. Up off the ground, no brake, when I put it in 1st and start to let off the clutch, no wheels turn, but the engine starts bogging down like it wants to move but can’t. Please, if anyone has ever experienced this, please get back to me.

Your manual trans has likely packed it all in, gone to the great beyond, should be pushing up daises. What you have there is an EX transmission! (my homage to Monty Python’s Parrot Sketch - a little levity in a bad situation)

What you describe just screams broken transmission to me and believe me, I’ve broken a pile of them!

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I was starting to come to that conclusion, so I really appreciate your experience. I’ve been on google and YouTube all dang day collecting bits and pieces of info here and there. My head is splitting. I really hope that’s it so I can start fixing it. Thank you.