2001 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8l Hard start

The car has 96xxx miles and doesn’t like to turn over when it sits for more than about 6 hours, it is worse the colder it is. Once the car starts it will fire right up every time you start it as long as it doesn’t sit for more than about 6 hours. It doesn’t make any strange noises while starting just the normal vum vum vum vum VUM vum vum VUM VUM vum vum etc until it finally catches. I should also add that upon starting (and this only happens when it hard starts) it will idle at around 1500rpm while in park. Shift to reverse it drops to about 1000, shift back to park it goes back to 1500. I have already replaced the fuel pump, 02 sensor, MAF, and the camshaft position sensor. I took it too a shop once, they could not figure out the problem but claimed it was a common problem with Nissans of that period and if I primed the fuel pump by turning the key to the acc point for about a minute and pressing the gas a little bit when I tried to start it that it would start. That does not work. I’d like to have some sort of idea whats wrong with it before I take back to the shop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If there is a problem with the new fuel pump’s check valve (thus the need for “priming”) turning the key to acc for a minute won’t do a thing. See this post and try the procedure in the first reply.

I’ll give it a try in a few hours…Hopefully that is the ticket, The fuel pump is pretty simple to get too in this car. Thanks for the advice.