2001 nissan sentra Belts

I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra with about 62K miles. I’ve never changed the serpentine belt (or timing chain/belt for that matter, if it has one).
Its a station car with the occasional 2-4 hour highway trip assigned to it.
I’m thinking that the serpentine belt is due for a change, even though my regular, local mechanic does not see a problem at this time. If I do insist on having this belt changed, what else should one plan on doing?. (i.e. I recently had a similar job done on a 2000 Toyota Avalon where it was recommended that the water pump be changed).
…any tips, tricks, suggestions?

Have the serpentine belt replaced.

You can no longer determine the condition of the serpentine by observation.
As the these belts are no longer made of neoprene but instead of EDPM.


Parts stores have jars full of these belt wear testers for free from GATES so you can test your serpentine belt for wear.

But most people put the tester in their mouth, and if they don’t taste orange, they put it back in the jar.


Thanks for the info; however is there any other recommended replacements as long as I’m replacing the serpentine belt? (… as I had done with my Toyota)

Idler and tensioner pulleys need checked.
With the belt on and engine running they can use a stethiscope to listen to each one.
With the belt off, each pullry can be hand spun to listen and feel for wear.
62k is not all that much so maybe no pulleys at this time.
but 14 years is the factor.

As tester says…you can no longer determine the belt condition just by looking.
THIS fact has stung me in the past.
My visually good-enough belt jumped over a few ribs from the drag of the a/c comming on at 70mph. That few-rib jump allowed the pulleys to slice off those ribs and that portion of the flopping belt gets caught in the spinning pulleys under the remaining belt and all hell breaks loose as the belt is shredded to spaghetti !
why ?
Time and temperature harden the belt material and it doesn’t have the grab it used to and also becomes compressed and slightly thinner.