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2001 Nissan Pathfinder floating

When I drive on the freeway and hit uneven paving or bumps the car feels like it’s hydroplaning for a few seconds then is fine when surface levels out. Any ideas on what it might be? It’s got 168k miles and probably time to get rid of it but would like to sell it and want to fix this problem.

2 things. Over inflated tires or bad struts.

Tires are good so probably struts. What’ do you think the cost is to repair?

I would suspect the following:

Tires worn or improperly inflated.
Worn shocks and struts.
Stabilizer bar or links broken or missing.
Worn steering and suspension components.

Does the tire pressure match what is on the door pillar? How do you know the struts are good?

I will check pressure but tires aren’t worn)

“Tires are good so probably struts.”

I think she’s saying, “It’s probably the struts.”

If Pressures are to high it can cause tires to bounce and skate.

I agree with @knfenimore because since the government mandated policy of placing the max pressure on the tire sidewall…over pressurization of tires has become commonplace. I see vehicles all the time with tires that bounce like basketballs on the interstate. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to properly inflate your tires but I see a lot of drivers that apparently don’t care about their safety and the safety of their passengers or other travelers on the road. It seems that reading your owner’s manual has gone out of style. I’ll step off the soapbox now…time to go back to bed.

I agree that over-inflated tires are the most likely cause of this problem, but the OP should also consider the fact that Pathfinders of that era tend to have a problem with broken stabilizer bar links. If the tire pressure turns out to be correct, then it is time to put the vehicle up on a lift to check the suspension.