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2001 nissan frontier xe making squeaking, grating squaling sounds

my 2001 nissan frontier xe is making squeaking, slipping sounds past couple months. getting more frequents, scaring me to drive and felt like has brief loss of power couple days ago while parking. Help?

someone told me power steering fluid is orange rust colored and gunnky and needs replaced which i dont know how or have tools for.

Video of it here. At around 1 minutes 54 second, and 2 minute mark, among others, the sound is audible.

Try listening for the sound with the hood up and your head there. You’ll probably be able to tell where it’s coming from. Your discolored PS fluid may be a clue… the PS pump might be going. If it’s binding up occasionally, that WILL rob power. It’s driven directly by the crankshaft, and that can be loaded down by a binding pump.