2001 nissan frontier dash instruments



Dash insttruments(fuel, odometer, tach, speedometer, temp) come and go. Seems when engine is warm, they go out. If I pull into shade, lift hood and put fan blowing into engine compartment, after about 10 to 15 minutes I turn on the switch and they are working again…Any thoughts


I would check the harness connector to the dash. Perhaps disconnecting and reconnecting it will clear the intermittent problem.


had exactly the same thing on my 2000 frontier. Dealer could not find problem. I talked to tech on line and my digitals would go on and off when hot. Its a heat sensing connection inside the dash. They cannot detect it normally unless they bypass the normal computer stuff. They had to take dash out and replace the connection to the dash instruments. I had my truck in and they accidentally parked on west side of building , so when I picked it up they were off, first time, I left motor running and got them out of the building and they could detect the problem by their instruments I even gave the part number and all of th at to another guy with same problem.