2001 Nissan Frontier alarm keeps going off!

I have a 2001 Nissan Frontier 4 door truck with the factory alarm. I bought the truck from the original owner. After a couple of years of owning it, the alarm started going off a few minutes after everytime I lock it. This is very frustrating!! My mechanic replaced the truck battery and said that the alarm would go off if my battery amps dropped too low. Guess what? It’s still going off with the new battery. Any ideas? Thanks

Hello,I would suggest you take it to the dealer,they have the proper scan tool for the theft sys and can see all the inputs to the theft module and the RKE system.I say this because there are alot of inputs ,when you get an answer,you can take it anywhere to be fixed.just a small tip. recommend the senior or mstr tech in the shop. look on the wall at the dealer and you will see who knows what.

good luck

Thanks! I’ll try that route.