2001 Mercury Sable Timing Chain

I have a rhythmic squeak coming from the engine that is not a belt or pulley issue. Without taking it apart the mechanic guessed it might be the timing chain. How important is it to fix this when the car seems to still run good? Also how expensive is this to fix. I want to get a new vehicle next year and don’t want to put a lot of money in the 2001 Mercury Sable with about 152,000 miles on it. Thank you.

Step one: Get a new mechanic.
Step two: Ask the new mechanic to check the cam position sensor or synchronizer to see if it is doing the squeaking. (Common issue with these cars.)

Thank you. Another question: Would the engine lit come on if this was the problem? The lit has not come on and there is no hesitation, misfire, or starting problems just a loud squeak that gets louder when you put on the gas. In defense of the mechanic it wasn’t his area of expertise I just badgered him to make a suggestion so I would know where to take the car. I live in a rural area and it is specialized.

Sorry that should say the engine light has not come on. My bad.

Whatever is wrong with your car should be fixed since you are not buying a “new” car till next year. As others suggest, get a competent mechanic to determine what is REALLY wrong. Then post back with us to determine if we collectively think it is worth repairing or not.

Postponing any repair in the hope the car will be “OK” till next year is folly.

If this is the problem, then eventually the check engine light will come on, and your engine may lose power or start stalling. There’s no way to say if this will happen in the next year or not.

Thank you for your time an advise. I will check into to finding someone who knows more about ford engines.