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2001 Malibu temp gauge not working

My 2001 Malibu v-6 temp gauge is not working. I have replaced the temp sending unit and it works for a few weeks unit it goes out. Any ideas on what keeps killing the temp sendor?

The trouble may be due to a faulty wire connection. Have you checked the condition of the wire between the gauge and the sensor using an ohmmeter? You also should be able to measure the resistance of the sensor to verify it.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at that this weekend. Should be around 20 degrees out and good working weather, seeing as I don’t have a garage yet.

Also check the wire for continuity to GROUND…IF it is shorting to ground it may be harming the sensor. EZ to test.

Please elaborate. I know how to use the tools, not sure what I’m looking for.

HB was telling you to check the wire to the sensor for a possible short to ground. You would place your meter probes on the disconnected wire from the gauge to the sensor and chassis ground. If the wire had a short to ground the resistance would be zero ohms in that case. I think though if there was a short to ground then the gauge would be pegged to hot side. If you leave the wire tied to the sensor then you should read the resistance of the sensor which should change as the engine warms up. Also a good test to try.

Yes…Exactly what Cougar said… He knows whats up…