2001 Land Rover Discovery or 98 4 Runner



I am about to get a an SUV. I like the Land Rover Discovery but I here a lot of bad things. Should I steer clear of the Discovery and stick with the Toyota…Or should I just get an 03 Explorer? Any advice would be appreciated.


You must like to buy gasoline.

Based only on the limited information in this post, I’d take the Toyota. It’s the vehicle most likely to provide the best overall reliability.

A Disco is a VERY expensive vehicle to own and operate, and you would probably be on a first name basis with the service writer at the LR dealer within a few weeks of buying one.

Explorers are OK, but I think I’d rather live with a Toyota on a day-to-day basis.


I agree with McP. The Toyota is far more likely to give you good reliability and aftermarket parts are more readily available.

I’d steer clear of the Explorer. Just had yet another one roll over out in Jaffrey in the rainstorms yesterday. I know this statement will cause some controversy.

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Is the Ford Explorer lowest mileage and lowest cost?

A 98 4runner is starting to get old nearing 10 years.