2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

I turn the steering wheel to the right (all the way) and the engine wants to cut off. As if its starving for fuel. What should I change first. Has 120K

“grand Cherokee” how would you like a car called the Grand English, or the Great Scot, or how about the Terrific Italian? Heck why not the Grand Trail of Tears? and to think you could have bought a Wrangler.

Huh? Say wha?

There are few possibilities I can think of.

One is that the wheels or something in the steering mechanism is somehow crimping or displacing a wire, hose, or flexable line of some sort (like a fuel line or vacuum line).

The other is that the power steering pump is binding when stressed and loading down the crank. This should be happening if you turn left too.

Assuming that it does this when not rolling, put your head under the hood, have someone turn the wheel, and see what seems to be happening.

I recommend against changing parts until you isolate the cause.