200 Jeep Grand Cherokee MPG drop

I have a 200 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 136000 miles on it. I had noticed recently, within the last 2000 miles, that the mpg has dropped dramatically. From 17 to 11 mpg, is there something I need to check or is there something I can do to remedy this.


Of course I would expect a car over 1800 years old to have a few problems. (“I have a 200 Jeep Grand Cherokee”)

How is the maintenance? How old are the plugs wires etc? Plugs wires oil and filter and fuel and air filters should all be taken care of if they are due or past due. No sense spending money on something that may not be done when it could be something that needs to be done anyway.

How old is your car, I really don’t think Jeep made a Grand Cherokee in the year 200, a Grand Chariot maybe.

Have you had it checked to see if there are any error codes stored in the computer? There may be some even if the light is not on. Get the real number like P0123 not just someone’s interpretation. Some auto part stores will do that for free.