2001 Jeep Cherokee Brakes

I’ve used Anti seize on the adjuster threads for 30 years and never had a problem.

I remember way too many that were rusted solid and a vise and the torch were the only way to get them free’d up and working.
Next brake job they are always free and working nicely.

What is the problem @db4690 with Antiseize there or in the end cap where they usually rust solid. As long as it’s just enough to lightly coat the threads.


Antiseize has no place in drum brakes, either on the adjusters or the backing plates. Antiseize is not a lubricant for moving parts. Antiseize keeps 2 stationary parts from seizing together so they may be easily separated for service. Rub some between your thumb and finger and then do the same with grease or oil. Tell me which feels like the better lubricant. Not trying to be a nanny, just offering my opinion. I’ve smoked for 30 years and don’t have lung disease. Not that that makes it the right thing to do, just that I do it and the results work for me.

Back to the original poster, good job and I hope it was a little fun too.