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2001 Isuzu trooper, antifreeze leak, not water pump?

My son-in-law’s 2001 Isuzu Trooper, 102,000 miles, developed an antifreeze leak as shown by antifreeze coming out below the timing belt area.

The OEM water pump only had 28,000 miles, but he assumed it was bad. He did look all around the motor, trying to find a bad hose or something that might explain it. He looked for the alleged freeze plugs, but nothing near the area at all.

Finding nothing, he tore it down, and put in a new water pump, lifetime from Autozone, also new timing belt while he was at it. He is very careful, uses torque wrench, gasket shellac, anti-sieze, etc.

When he got it back together it started instantly. So did the leak. Again, he looked all around but it still shows nothing that might explain it.

I agree with him that the odds of a new pump also being bad are slim. He drained the antifreeze, and will try again tomorrow after school. (He is a teacher.)

I suggested he open it up, and put the hoses back on, add liquid, and look at it that way, uncovered, to try to see where it might come out.

Are there any bolt holes penetrating the water area plugged only by bolts or some other thing to look for? We are really puzzled.

Thanks for any tips.