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2001 Impala steering issue?

So I just bought a 2001 Impala a couple of months agao and just this past week the steering has felt “strange” I can feel a pulsing, almost creaking feeling in the steering wheel and sometimes in the gas pedal when I turn. There’s no audible noise, but the steeing also seems a bit looser than usual. Any ideas? I’m wondering if the car is safe to drive? I also noticed that the raido is suddenly not working - won’t get any channels, just white noise. Perhaps these two issues have nothing to do with each other, but …

your power steering pump might be failing. The pressure behind the steering column could be giving out, which in turn means the pump is dying. Such as do you feel its harder to turn? or do you hear a humming? roll your window down and just park your car and listen for that sound. Check the fluid under your hotd for power steering. as for your stereo…it could be a fuse problem…

I do hear a humming noise when I first turn on the car, or when I put the key into the on position but do not start the engine. I have not tried listening for a humming noise when the car is running, however. Thank you. i will try that.

Let’s Talk Steering.

If this car’s got its original intermediate steering shaft (they were problematic) then it could be out of lubricant and binding when you turn. This usually causes the steering wheel to intermittently turn easy and hard (“pulsing” ?) as you turn it and they often have a faint popping sound or feeling when this happens. The newer revised GM shaft seems to solve the problem. Have that evaluated by somebody aware of steering shaft issues with these vehicles. The fix is probably less than 200 bucks parts and labor (new shaft) if that’s it.

Or . . .

Have somebody check out the front strut top mounts / bearings. If they’re bad this could cause problems like you describe.

I can’t figure how this relates to the gas pedal. The engine would almost have to move in order to feel this in the gas pedal. Have the engine mounts / engine carrier / cradle checked, too.


Thank you for all your help - it was the intermediate steering shaft.

[b][i]You’re Welcome. I’m Happy To Help.