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2001 impala popping and whining

Hey guys,
2001 Chevy impala with 2 problems. First, I get a whining sound that lasts about 1 min after the car has run for about 5 min, and as soon as the noise starts the engine temp goes up (high, but not in the red). It’s not the accessory belt, revving the engine doesn’t do anything and either does putting the car in neutral. I can get the tone to slightly change by turning the a/c on and off, but it doesn’t stop the whining. It sounds like it is coming from the radiator fan and when I tapped the one fan the other day, the noise stopped, not sure if it was just a coincidence. Second, I get a popping noise coming from the front of the car when accelerating. I don’t think it’s the shocks because I compressed the shocks by bouncing on the hood and got no noise. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You,

Does your car have an electric radiator fan? Is it coming on and spinning freely when the temp goes to high? You might secure a length of garden hose and use it as a stethoscope to figure out where more precisely the noise is originating. As I read your post, I was thinking “water pump”, but I don’t know if the water pump is where you say the noise is coming from or not on your car.

Noises when accelerating can be caused by a lot of things, but one thing to consider is engine mounts that are loosening. You car is about the right age for engine mount problems, especially if it has had a lot of hard accelerations. Have your mechanic check the engine mounts maybe.

Your car is front wheel drive FWD, with a transverse mounted engine, correct?
It’s possible that either the radiator fan or the condenser fan (which should be right next to each other and part of a “module”) has a failing motor. I believe both fans are replaced as a unit.

More food for thought: on many FWD cars, the condenser fan comes on only when the AC is in use.
This may help you confirm that one of the electric fans is whining.

One of your inner CV joints may be worn out. This can sometimes be heard as a slight clunk when accelerating/decelerating.

A 2001 with how many miles?
I agree that both the motor mounts and the CV joints are good andidates.
Pop the hood and try rocking the motor (with it off). Youu might get lucky and find the source of the knock.
The CV joints can be checked from under the car…much more effectively IMHO on a rack than on jack stands. Again, they’ll be checked with vigorous shaking, combined with rotating by hand. Be aware if you try to check this on jackstands that if you have the vehicle in P or in gear (for manuals) the opposite wheel to the one you rotate will want to turn in the opposite direction. You should have both sides elevated to allow the opposite wheel to turn freely and prevent the car from falling off the stands.