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2001 hyundai accent 1.6ltr

i was driving my car and it just stopped running … lights and everything still worked …no warning … just died … can not get it to start … turns over like it wants to start but wont … changed fuel pump, filter, strainer, coil, wires and spark plugs … what am I missing

Timing belt?

Open the oil filler cap and watch the camshaft as someone tries the starter. Is the camshaft moving? If not the timing belt has broken and the engine won’t start or run.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The first step would be to stop changing parts. You would SAVE money if you’d pay a qualified professional to do a diagnosis.

first of all this was thru a professional … unfortunately I am more or less getting ripped off because I am a female … so in order to SAVE money i am no longer taking it to “professionals”

The person you took it to was a hack, not a professional. Finding a shop that is good and that you are comfortable with can be a difficult process, but don’t give up.