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2001 Honda S2000 - Three challenges to put a great car back in action

Alignment issues, ac repair, and random misfiring.

And? Are you going to fix it?

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Snipper, you have to talk to us. Tell us more! We don’t get many S2000 owners asking for help.

Alignment issues: not a DIY project, unless you see something obvious, such as a bent control arm, or damaged/worn strut, and even then after replacing the damaged/worn parts, you still need to take it to a shop for professional alignment.

A/C repair is also not a DIY project for most people. Anything more complicated than adding refrigerant to a system with a known leak–but is not completely empty–should be left to the pro’s.

Random misfiring: I would try new spark plugs and ignition wires first, check compression, check fuel pressure. In that order. Still not solved? Time for professional diagnosis.

We don’t even know if the OP is asking for help.
Maybe he’s just announcing that (surprise!) a 20 y.o. car needs repair.


If you are into investigating the problems yourself, start by checking all the bushings in the suspension. After 20 years, some, if not all, need to be replaced. After that, see if it holds alignment. For the AC and n
Misfire, I’d go along with @bcohen2010’s advice.