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2001 honda odyssey

my daughter has a 2001 honda odyssey has 90.000 miles needs $5000 dollars in body work her fault should we write the van off because mom and dad are paying the bill or spend the on the van body damage is in front frame is ok

That’s quite a bit to spend on a car that old, as it’s probably around the full value of the car. Is this cosmetic damage or is the car not safe to drive? What condition is the car in otherwise? Does she hope to keep the car for a while if it’s fixed? Is this quote from a body shop or a dealer? Are they quoting new parts or junkyard parts?

Not worth it, in my view. I’d sell it for parts, and buy a different vehicle. Certain model year Odysseys were prone to transmisson failure, and this might have been one of them. If it is, that’s another reason to abandon ship.

Yeah if its still drivable I would just drive it, or sell it to some one who does not care what it looks like. Spending that kind of money on it is silly at its age

As an owner of a 2001 Odyssey, I can ASSURE you that this was one of the years with tranny problems, and at 90,000 miles, this one is about due to @#$% its self. The torque converter clutch in them is crap, and when it goes kaput, it sends debris through the whole control system. A good, independent transmission shop could explain it. My tranny was replaced at about 100,000 miles by Honda, and the replacement only lasted about 30,000.

Very un Honda-like. This was one of their blunders.

One thing I CAN guarantee you…keep “paying the damage” that she causes and you’ll be back next year asking the same question whether she fixes this vehicle up or gets another one.

It’s impossible to guess about the vehicle itself without a least a good set of photos.