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'01 Honda Van

car seller is asking $5,900 for a 01 Honda Odyssey w/134,000 miles on it. The Blue bk value is $5,100 in good condition,problem is the transmission fluid is rusty brown, ths ABS and Traction control dash lights stay on after the Van’s been started. Van appears to be okey other than that.Could these indicators spell a bigger problem?

Walk away. Those lights may be on for an inexpensive problem or an expensive problem, we don’t know - but the seller probably knows. If it’s an inexpensive problem, the owner probably would have gotten it fixed.

The bigger issue is the bad track record of these transmissions. The tranny may be about to give out next month. That’ll cost you over $3,000. For this vintage minivan, you’re probably better off looking at a Toyota Sienna.

This advice is coming from the satisfied owner (so far) of a 2002 Odyssey. I like the Odyssey, I’m just crossing my fingers that the transmission doesn’t die soon. Honda figured out the tranny problem sometime around 2004, so if you can afford a little more money look for a little newer Odyssey.

Don’t walk, RUN away! The transmission is ready to go, and who knows what might be wrong with the ABS. If it were inexpensive to repair the seller would have repaired it.

A vehicle for sale with warning lights illuminated is a very bad sign. Rusty brown transmission fluid indicates severe neglect.

You don’t want this van at any price.

I would not waste my time or money on this van. It’s sounds like a potential money pit. Run away and don’t look back.

Thanks for the info,I had a bad feeling about this van,I just needed to hear it from someone else.

I believe you are right.Thanks

In a lot of cities, minivans are being used as taxicabs. I’ve ridden in Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Ford Windstar and Chevrolet Uplander cabs. Check the history of any minivan carefully to see if it was a former cab.

In the case of the Honda Odyssey you are looking at, take a pass.

Thank you,Good Advice,I’ve decided to steer clear of this Van.

Do not walk away from this vehicle. RUN.

A full 40% of owners of this generation of Odyssey on their fan club report having replaced their transmission at LEAST once. That is not bad by modern standards. That is miserable.

This car is showing symptoms of transmission problems (brown fluid), and you have some sort of other problem in the ABS and Traction Control system. On top of that, the owner is asking OVER blue book for one of these in good condition?!?!?!! You’d have to be nuts to buy this vehicle.

I don’t have to convince me the Van’s not worth it,Too many Red flags on it,I’d never consider what he is asking. Thanks