2001 Honda CR-V: Multiple Misfire after distributor, compressions, and valve check?

Hey everyone,

My 2001 Honda CR-V with 120,000 miles has been sending misfire codes for the past couple of weeks. I replaced the distributor rotor and cap, plugs (NGK’s) and wires, and the light disappeared after a couple of driving cycles. Then, it came back on about a week later. I had it diagnosed at a shop for compression and everything was good. I had read about the valve issues so I had the valves adjusted.

The car seems to run without any hiccup at all, and its been over 150 miles since the valve adjustment but the engine light remains on with the misfire codes.

Any ideas as to what the real problem could be?

Is it a random misfire code or is it cylinder specific? The direction taken on forming an opinion can vary based on that.

Were the compression numbers provided to you? They should have been.