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2001 Honda Civic #1543002030- Tach issue?

My cars engine runs fine, but when I go to accelerate the speed doesn’t really match the RPM and it seems to be either out of sync, or something else is causing it. I took out the input VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) and the gear seemed to look fine, no wear or anything like that. The gasket was even still fine on both the input and output speed sensors. I was thinking that it could be the torque converter, but not sure. I drove it today and I lost power as I was driving and the speed of the car started to decrease no matter how much gas I gave it.

Sounds like a slipping transmission.


yeah I’m afraid of that being the issue. The transmission makes a screeching sound right around where the tranny meets the motor, which is the reason why I thought it could be the torque converter. It idles around 1000-1500 rpms and I usually have to start the car a few times in order for the transmission to engage, so I think it’s near its last leg and close to death. I was hoping it was something I could fix on my own (like the VSS(vehicle speed sensor either input or output or both)) Fluids are fully last time I checked, but it is kinda burnt looking, but again I’ve seen that it may not be wise to replace the fluid as it can create more issues. I know there’s the whole debate going on about that.

You clearly already HAVE issues… Most here would call that an old wives tale perpetuated by shops that don’t want to get blamed when a customer insists on a fluid change when the transmission is clearly ready to fail, and does, a week later.

Try changing the fluid, it may help. If it doesn’t, well, you were looking at a transmission rebuild anyway.