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2001 Gran Prix - ignition switch lock - key stuck in ignition

My wife’s 2001 Gran Prix has a problem with the ignition switch, or related to the ignition switch. Intermittently (more frequently in warm weather or when the car’s warm) the ignition switch can’t be turned back to the ‘off’ position all the way, meaning the key can’t be removed from the switch. We’ve heard from several mechanics that there are a couple problems that can cause this, and in fact had the ignition switch replaced which did not solve the problem. I understand there is a connection to the transmission or gear shift lever that may also be part of this problem in some way. Is anyone familiar with this issue? There can only be so many solenoids, switches, connections, etc, related to this, I’d like to fix the problem and avoid spending money unnecessarily. Thanks much for any help offered. - Tom

Does this mean the mechanics who told you there were several possible causes were not able to track down the correct one? Did they try, or did everyone give up after replacing the ignition switch?

Which part of the ignition switch was replaced? The electrical switch or the lock cylinder?

Purchase a Motors Manual for this car. It outlines the possible reeasons. Just be sure the car is completely in the PARK position - this is the most common reason.