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2001 GMC Sonoma coolant leak

I just got back from the shop and was told my radiator was clogged and needed to be replaced and the intake manifold gasket is where the leak is originating. The gasket is on the underside of the engine, not the top. Is there a way to unclog the radiator and not have to buy a new one?? How much should I be charged for these repairs? Thanks, im stessing, any help would be nice…

Either you were given a load of bs or you misunderstood what was said.

The Intake manifold (and gaskets) is NOT on the bottom of the engine.

You can check to see if the radiator is plugged (Yourself) by simply removing the rad cap (when the engine is COLD or cool) and idle the engine while watching the coolant in the rad. If it circulates evenly and with good volume it should be good.

You would be wise to get another opinion. Try to find a reputable independent shop for your repairs and not a dealer chain. Ask friends or co-workers who they like.

Does the engine overheat?

It IS possible the IMG is leaking though. (One of GM’s finer boners over the years)

Have you noticed the coolant level dropping in the coolant reservoir?

Check for light tan colored oil on the bottom side of the oil filler cap.

Radiators can be ‘rodded’ out to clear clogging. However, only do this if the core and tanks are not showing signs of leaking and the core does not show significant corrosion on the fins. You could run the radiator by a radiator shop for an opinion/estimate.

I think what was meant by ‘on the under side of the engine’ is the underside of the intake manifold. This is the gasket between the intake manifold and the heads.