2001 GMC Safari gauges, odometers, fans, wipers out - but fuses OK

What is wrong with my vehicle?
No odometer or trip odometer,no temp gauge, no fuel gauge, no fan frt or rr ht or cool, no wiper frt or rr, no cruse control, no trans gear indicator. Fuses and relays all good.

Sounds like a bad ground.

GM has had a lot of problems with the ignition switches that can cause issues like you are seeing .Might be something to check out , they arent that expensive to replace .

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Do you mean the underdash fuses? What about the fuse panel under the hood?

Get a bright flashlight and check the electrical connectors visible under the dash, steering wheel. See anything loose, broken, corroded? Any wires hanging in the air, not connected to anything? While you are looking under there, check any wires that are connected to the metal part of the chassis too, those are ground wires. Make sure they are all making a good rust free connection.

You might try turning the key back a little , sometimes the spring that returns the ignition switch back from the start position weakens over time.

Fuse box under the hood.
I have checked all those fuses and relays.
And they all are good.

I have fumbled and rattled and played with the key many times and I can’t make it make a difference.

OK, I’m gonna work on it with a bright flashlight tomorow.

The ignition switch doesn’t appear very used or abused and is pretty tight but I will consider changing it out after spending a day looking under the dash for loose wires and bad grounds. Thankyou.

Once again though the ignition switch is not where the key goes. That activates a rod that actually operates the switch which is on the steering column.

Re: ignition switch

Suggest asking a mechanic with auto-electric skills test it for you. Replacing an ignition switch, b/c of where it is located, is often a pretty awkward and time consuming endeavor for a diy’er. Make sure it needs doing before attempting it.