2001 GMC Jimmy 4.3L V-6

I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle. I got screwed with that whole dexcool scam and recommend anyone with a GM product get that crap out of the vehicle. It does not last 100,000 miles as they claim, but will cost you over a grand to replace the clogged radiator at the dealership. Now I have a code P0410 which from what I am hearing is probably the secondary air injection pump. I just moved back to Texas from Phoenix and am wondering if its the change in humidity. Do I need to replace the pump or is there a valve that needs to be changed? I know that I really needed to adjust to it myself hehe. Any ideas?

Gm couldn’t get the emissions down enough without the air injection (into the exhaust) pump. The trouble seems to be caused by wash splash from the wheel, into the intake tube to the air pump. The water, over time, adversely affects the air pump. As a result, the air pump may have to be replaced. Of course, troubleshoot, FIRST (not, after you have replaced the air pump, and. lo and behold, that wasn’t it!).
There are other components to the a.i.r. system. Troubleshooting could save you bunches of lettuce (aka money).