2001 Ford ZX2 Loud Exhust

I have a 2001 Ford ZX2 with about 81,000 miles on it and over the years the car’s tail pipe has gotten increasingly louder. I didn’t notice it as much since I drive it everyday, but when people got in my car they started saying “man your car is LOUD!”. I’m fairly sure its the tailpipe because if I lower the backseats to expose the trunk I can hear it even more. The odd thing is if I’m rounding a left turn to where the g-force would make you lean right, the sound get louder. And if it’s a right turn, making you lean left, it goes away completely. So I’m thinking it’s something with the tailpipe vibrating on something and then leaning either way changes its intensity. Also the pitch increases changes with speed, not RPM. Any ideas out there?

You need to have the exhaust system inspected. Don’t be surprised if you’re told you need a cat-back exhaust system replacement.