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2001 Ford Ranger -Post clutch issues

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XL with a 2.3 4cyl. engine. I have 108000 miles on the truck. I had a new clutch put in and often when I let out the clutch in first gear, I hear a squeal. It sounds like a fan belt slipping or a disc brake squeal. The truck shifts fine and does not slip. Thanks for your help.
Sincerely, Dennis

Just curious, have you had it back to the place that put it in?

Even more curious, was a new throwout bearing and a new pilot bearing installed with the new clutch?

Was the flywheel replaced/resurfaced?


I requested that the mechanic replace the flywheel. He said he sent
it out to be resurfaced and charged me $80.00. The flywheel has been
machined twice if he really did resurface it. I tend to think he did
because the clutch does not shudder when engaged.

Ask your dealership for a copy of tsb 02-5-5 “M/T Clutch Hooting/Eeking/ Moaning noise”. Associated with a pressure plate resonance of some kind. You might can see it by googling that number.

My bill states he installed a clutch pack. He also installed a new clutch slave cyl. The pilot bearing I am not sure. Lots of labor at my expense to fix that I guess. The chirp only occurs after the truck is warmed up.