2001 Ford Focus Speedometer



My Focus has quite the peculiar problem. My speedometer acts normally about 80% of the time, otherwise it drops to zero, regardless of my speed. All my other gauges are fine. I’ve noticed also that my car’s automatic locking feature seems to play a role, as when it triggers, the speedometer also comes back to life. It seems the automatic locks are triggering later then usual, perhaps two symptoms with a common error? I admit I’m a car novice, any help is appreciated!


I would say you have a failing VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) or a problem with the connection. The speedometer and the auto locks both get there signal from the VSS. As soon as it starts sending a signal the speedometer starts working and the doors lock.




do you remember (it may be the manual) what the speed is that the power locks actuate?

and is that the same time the speedometer acts up?

if they are around the same time, the aforementioned vss is suspect.

does the odometer still work when the speedometer is out or not??

that could be another item


It doesn’t reactivate at a certain speed. I think the first comment got it, while the speedometer isnt working, the locks and the odometer also don’t work, all tied in to detecting speed. Thanks for your help everyone!