Frozen speedometer?

I have a 2004 Honda Civic EX with a automatic transmission that is parked outside. During this past winter, the speedometer would register 0 during the first 5-6 miles on single-digit mornings. After the first 5-6 miles, it reads about half the actual speed. The speedometer works fine once the car gets warmed up and I accelerate from a complete stop. Do I have a problem with my transmission or my speedometer? If so, what can I do about it? Thanks for any help.

Most likely a problem with the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). Your speedometer is electronic and reads a sensor that monitors the axle speed. This sensor is generally located on the transmission. It can be tested for proper operation before you drop money to replace it. The transmission does not need to be removed to replace it. If the computer is getting erratic signals from the VSS, it may set a trouble code and set the CEL (check engine light) on.

A problem with the VSS would turn on the check engine light. A problem with the gauge cluster would not.

Does you odometer work when the speedometer is not working? If so, then the problem is the gauge cluster.