2001 Ford Focus only loses power when it gets very hot

I have had nothing but problems with this car. I just got it back from the mechanic because it was running rough all of the time. He replaced the vacuum line, and cleaned the injectors. It was running fine, until I went on a 45 min drive. It starts losing power but never stalls out. When you shut the car off for 5 mins and turn it on it runs fine, for about 20 mins. I have to drive to PA from SC in about 2 days, and I spent all my money at the dealer. Can anyone help.

Was the fuel pressure tested?


not that I’m aware of. I took it back to the dealer and he said it was the catalytic converter, then I called some mechanics and they said that once the cat is clogged it doesn’t unclog? I was going to try to replace the fuel filter, but I really don’t know what to do. The fuel filter would make sense, but it was replaced about 7 mos ago.

here in england a common fault with ford focus is the coil pack,they rarely last more than 60000 miles,and then they make the engine run roughly,they cost about ?50 here and 10 mins to change.

Don’t take your car to a regular mechanic until you stop experiencing this problem. You need to go to a mechanic who specializes in cylinder heads and rebuilt engines. I too, as well as the mechanic, thought the problem was with hoses, lines, valves, etc. in my 01’ Focus. However, the issue is your Intake Seat Valve #4 is about to drop. The problem is with the PM valve seat inserts. If you decide to have the seats fitted and replaced, be sure they are of the new deeper and tempered design. The new design gives greater contact area to the head and better heat transfer to the seat. The contact area is the main reason for the failure. If you have a head repaired be sure you use a machine shop that is an AERA member and be sure they work to the specs in the AERA Tech Bulletin # TB 1998 (July '02). Also, if replacement is done, be sure the intake and exhaust manifolds are thoroughly cleaned since repeat failures are experienced when pieces of the damaged seats/ring become stuck in the intake and exhaust manifolds.

Has your regular air AND air conditioning stopped working? When coming to a stop @ lights and stop signs does the car surge/sputter/surge/sputter?

AS Cheeypoofs has said, Valve seats come out of heads!! I can post pix’s of mine.#3 cyl lost the intake seat it destroy the head and piston, Parts of the seat were in the intake look at picture above this post…