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2001 Ford E350 - Lifespan

 What is the longevity prospect for this vehicle?   Reasonably maintained -

It has the 5.4L engine, driven gently for 200K miles - about 2/3 in SanDiego, & 1/3 various climes but min. winter roads. Has had relatively recent transmission & synth.oill flushes + new airfilter, battery & alternator. I think I’m just the 2nd owner.
I’ll appreciate your opinion.

Thank you!

I consulted my crystal ball and it said ’ who knows ? '.
When it quits you will have your answer.


My “Magic 8 Ball” says “Cannot predict now”


The 5.4 SOHC 2 valve V8 is a pretty good engine. Wards Auto World voted it one of the worlds 10 best engines in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Similar engines in Crown Victoria police cars regularly go 400,000 miles but they are pushing around a CAR not a one-ton van. If this is a 12 or 15 passenger former Church van, I’d say it will last a very long time. If this was a white panel van shop truck, I’d be a bit concerned.

If you don’t know when the spark plugs were replaced, you’d better do them immediately, before they blow out

If you don’t believe me, google “Triton 2 valve engine blows spark plugs”

Thank You!
Indeed I did check out the link you sent, as well as associated links. My 5.4 blew a plug out a while back - and the 1/3-threadable plug-socket theory makes Sense.

I figure to replace plugs shortly, and will pay good attention to torquing them down to spec. Of course, proper maintainance leads to greater peace of mind - which is a great thing.

Thanks a million for your support.

~ Ward in Rhobe Island

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