1999 Ford Explorer won't go in reverse

I tried to reverse my car out of it’s parking spot today and while I was backing out I heard a pop and it stopped moving. It won’t move in reverse at all now, even though it goes forward just fine.

Why would this happen?

Auto or manual transmission?

The real question is V6 or V8. You use the same gears in forward and reverse so it id likely a one way clutch. Regardless, it is an internal problem. You could search www.explorer4x4.com but the answer won’t make you feel any better. I have a spare V6 transmission in my garage. That always kept the one in the vehicle on its toes. Sure you heard a pop? These usually have valve body gasket problems that effect low and reverse.

Which engine do you have??? I have had quite a few Ford transmissions crossing my bench lately with reverse band failure. This is with the 4R44E and 4R55E transmissions If you have the 4.0 engine, you will have one of these transmissions. The 5.0 liter has the 4R70W transmission. This is why I ask.


4R44/55…Think it’s time for us to both get a little sleep. They said it drove normally in forward. Try it in manual low and see if it still moves to verify band operation.

1 year old daughter kept me up last night laying on me and crying. Finally got peace at about 4:30am…